Christian Freedom Puzzle

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Christian Freedom Puzzle

By D. M. Flynn

Follow the directions to cross out some words in the sentence below. The remaining words are a Bible verse about true freedom.

Soccer but baseball now ant that you autumn have music been mars set free spring from dragonfly sin and earth have Christmas become slaves to winter God, the gymnastics benefit basketball you math reap bee leads to summer holiness, science and the grasshopper result is beetle eternal football life housefly.

Cross out:

  1.  A December holiday.
  2. Two planets.
  3. Three school subjects.
  4. Four seasons.
  5. Five sports.
  6. Six insects.

You can check your answers at the bottom of this page.

© 2007 D. M. Flynn
D. M. Flynn is a freelance writer and musician who has published in Cadet Quest, Club Connection, Guide, High Adventure, Live Wire, On the Line, Pockets, Story Friends, and Winner.

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Answer Key:

1. Christmas.
2. Mars, Earth.
3. Music, math, science.
4. Autumn, spring, winter, summer.
5. Soccer, baseball, gymnastics, basketball, football.
6. Ant, dragonfly, bee, grasshopper, beetle, housefly.

But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves to God, the benefit you reap leads to holiness, and the result is eternal life (Romans 6: 22 NIV).

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