Can a Cat and a Rat Work Together?

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Can a Cat and a Rat Work Together?

By Muriel Larson

Kitten and Rat in Same Cage?

Did you ever hear of a kitten and a rat living in the same cage together? A Chinese biologist put a kitten in a cage with a young rat. Would they learn to work together to get food?

When these two got used to living and eating together, the scientist put a screen between them and their food. Only if they pressed some levers at the same time could they eat.

The kitten started playing with the rat’s tail. As they jumped around, they happened to both press the levers at the same time. The screen slid up, and there was dinner.
But the next time the kitten got hungry, playing with the rat’s tail didn’t work. However, when the rat saw the kitten’s paw on his lever, he ran to the other lever and stepped on it. Thus they learned to cooperate to get their dinner.

Working Together – Cooperation

Cooperation works in families too.
Cooperation works in families too.

Working together helps everyone. Birds and animals of many types often cooperate with one another. Father and mother birds work together to feed and protect their little ones. Monkeys pick bugs off each other so they won’t itch. Army ants roll themselves together into balls so they can float across a river.

It’s the same in the world of people. Wherever towns have sprung up, it is because people worked together. Some grew or prepared food. Some hunted and fished. Some built houses. Some made clothing, cookware, and other things needed. The people who work together well are the ones who do their best.

Working Together in Families

This is also true in families. The family that works together happily is a strong family. When each member does his specific jobs to help, everyone’s needs are met.

God’s Word teaches us to love one another, to respect one another, to cooperate with one another. If we truly appreciate what God has done for us, we will certainly cooperate with Him, too, by obeying His Word.

Living in Harmony

How about you? How do you get along with your family? Do you cooperate with your parents and obey them? Or do you give them a hard time? Do you get along well with your brothers and sisters? If you follow God’s way of love and consideration toward them and others, your life will certainly be more pleasant!

The Bible tells us that we should all live in harmony with one another. We should be sympathetic, love as brothers and sisters, and be caring and humble (1 Peter 3:8).

© Muriel Larson

Muriel Larson is a freelance writer from Greenville, South Carolina.

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