X Marks the Spot for Buried Treasure

X Marks the Spot for Buried Treasure

Search God’s Word for the Best Treasure of All

by Jeanne Gowen Dennis

Follow These Clues to Priceless Treasure!

1.    Print this page, because you may want to use this treasure map over and over again.
2.    Find the clue you want to follow.
3.    Follow the directions on the map for each treasure you want to find.
4.    Directions look something like this: John 3:16. John is the name of the book, 3 is the chapter number, and 16 is the verse number. If it says John 3:16–18, then read verse 16 to the end of verse 18.
5.    Sometimes you will see abbreviations for the names of books, like Gen. for Genesis and Eph. for Ephesians, but no abbreviations are used here.
6.    If you can’t find the book, look in the front of your Bible for the Table of Contents. It lists all of the Old Testament books and then all the New Testament books. Find the page number beside the name of each book.
7.    Turn to the page listed. When you find the book, look for the big numbers. Those are chapter numbers. The little numbers are verse numbers.
8.    Read the verses. Then mark an X in the box, because you have found a treasure to keep in your heart forever!
9.    You can use this map over and over again.
10.    You might want to memorize your favorite verses. Say them over and over every day until you know them. Then you will remember the wonderful treasures from God’s Word when you need them most.

What if I’m scared?

A girl in my third-grade Sunday school class at church was afraid every night before she went to sleep. So she wrote the words of Psalms 4:8 and hung them over her bed. She read the words every night and now she says them by heart. She is no longer afraid to go to sleep, because she knows God is with her. He will be with you, too. Just ask Him!

2 Samuel 22:1-37
Psalms 4:8
Psalms 32:8,-10
Psalms 56: 3-4
Proverbs 15:3
Proverbs 29:25
Isaiah 12:2
Isaiah 41:10-13
Isaiah 50:10
Lamentations 3:57
Nahum 1:7
Luke 12:22-34
Philippians 4:4-7
2 Thessalonians 3:3

What if I feel lonely?

When I was growing up, I didn’t get lonely very often. I had seven brothers and sisters! But sometimes I felt lonely even in that big crowd. When you’re lonely, take some time to spend time alone with God. That sounds funny, doesn’t it? When you’re lonely, spend time alone? The key is to spend that time alone with God. If you talk with Him, listen to Him, and read the Bible, I promise, you won’t feel lonely anymore! Here are some treasure verses to get you started:

Psalms 63:1-8
Psalms 25:16
Psalms 68:4-6
Psalms 139:9-10
Matthew 28:20

Now It’s Your Turn to Make a Treasure Map!

You have only just begun to find the treasures hidden in God’s Word. Keep searching. Dig deeper and you will find riches worth much more than all the gold and diamonds in the world.

Why don’t you make your own treasure map of favorite verses in the Bible? You can decorate it with pictures, designs, and lots of color. Have fun!

© Jeanne Gowen Dennis 2004

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