Babbling Builders

Cartoon of Tower of Babel

Babbling Builders*

You Get to Choose What Happens

A Story about the Tower of Babel, Based on Genesis 11:1–9

by Jeanne Gowen Dennis and Sheila Seifert


As you read each section of the story, you will either have a choice to make, or you will reach the end of the story.

There are several ways the story could go. You are the main character of the story, so your choices will determine how the story will end.

You can read the story over and over to read all of the endings. Have fun!


Babbling Builders

The morning sun awakens you, but you pull the blanket over your eyes.

I don’t want to make bricks, you think.

Suddenly, your cover is ripped away.

“Time to get up, Mud Pie,” your brother, Joktan, teases.

He thinks his job is better than yours, because he’s a bricklayer.

Click here if you want to get even with Joktan.

Click here if decide to ignore Joktan.


*This story was first published in Focus on the Family Clubhouse Magazine.

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