Vibrant Faith

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Vibrant Faith – Pass on the Heritage

By Jeanne Dennis, Colson Fellow and Centurion

A true understanding of God’s nature and character is our children’s rightful heritage. When we help upcoming generations to know God and to understand who we are in relation to Him, we prepare them for lifelong faith, hope, and joy in a hostile, dark, and unbelieving world. Give them the legacy that really matters.

Knowing God

  • All-powerful Creator
  • Perfect, holy, only God
  • One Being, comprised of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • Righteous Judge
  • Self-sacrificing Savior
  • Compassionate Counselor
  • True Love, Faithful Friend
  • A Being far greater than we can imagine or understand

Knowing Ourselves

  • Imperfect sinners
  • Gullible targets of temptation
  • When not saved, proud fools on our way to hell
  • When saved, repentant servants, forgiven and clothed in the perfection of Jesus

Knowing the Joy of Life in Jesus Christ

  • Freedom to love and be loved in perfect purity
  • Freedom to worship in joyous abandon
  • Power to carry out the work He has created us to do
  • Peace in the midst of the deepest sorrows and harshest trials
  • Hope for each day and certainty of eternal life with Him
  • More than we can ever ask for or imagine

Do you know the answers to Life’s Biggest Questions?

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