Questions About Life’s Meaning

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Questions About Life’s Meaning

Where did I come from?

Before the beginning of time, God knew all about you and planned to create you to live at this time.

The one and only God is a three-part being: the Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit.

God Created You

God made mankind, male and female, in His own image (Gen. 1:27). You, too, became a three-part being: body, soul, and spirit, the moment your father and mother conceived you.

Adam was the first man. He had a great relationship with God at the beginning. Then Adam disobeyed, which ruined their friendship.

Ever since then, people have sinned and rebelled against God. As part of the human family, you are a son or daughter of Adam.

We’re All Rebels

So you came from a long line of rebels. A whole human family enslaved to sin.

God wants to free you from that slavery by giving you a new nature. And there’s only one way to get it: through Jesus Christ.

When a person comes to faith in Jesus, that person becomes a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17). Jesus restores our relationship with God so we can live with Him forever.

Your life here on earth came through your parents. Your eternal life can come only through Jesus Christ.

Why am I here?

God has a special plan for each and every human life, including yours. He created each one of us to have a close relationship with Him.

We can’t know Him, though, until we deal with the problem of sin. Sin separates us from God.

We Have to Deal with Sin

Every human sins. You and I may think we’re good people if we haven’t done anything terrible. But we need to measure ourselves by God’s holiness, not by comparing ourselves with other people.

Before He created the world, God had a plan to deal with sin. He sent His Son Jesus as the sacrifice to pay the penalty for our sins. Jesus rose from the dead on the third day as proof that His sacrifice was accepted.

Jesus’ death paid for all your sins. He offers His salvation to you freely. If you don’t know Him, you can.

The Way to Salvation

First, repent (express true sorrow and turn away from your sins) and ask Jesus to be the Lord of your life. If you truly believe in Him, you will be saved and have everlasting life (John 3:16).

Then read the Bible to get to know Him better. Obey Him. Talk to Him every day in prayer. Listen for His still, small voice. Get involved in a Bible-believing church.

Once you have that relationship with Jesus, He will give you all you need to fulfill God’s perfect plan for your life. He will guide you as you depend on Him and get to know Him better.

You will still sin, but when you do, confess it and ask God to help you not do it , think it, or say it again.

Just Visiting

If you know Jesus, earth is a stopping place on the way to eternal life in heaven.

Learn to know Him better. Live for Him every day. Make your life count for eternity. You are here to bring glory to God.

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