“If There Were No God”


If There Were No God

By Joye O’Keefe


If there were no God,
It’s a fact there would be
No sun to warm us,
No air to breathe,
No water running
Clear and free.

There would be no trees,
No flowers,
No butterflies or bees.
No animals,
No singing birds,
No creatures of the sea.

If there were no God,
It’s a fact there would be
No colors,
No shapes,
No letters
For us to learn and see.

There would be
No happiness,
No moments of great joy,
No singing,
No laughter,
No smiles from any girl or boy.

If there were no God,
It’s a fact, there would be
And no one,
Especially no you
And no me.

But there is a wonderful God,
And that is surely why
We have
All the beauty
In the world
Under the heavenly sky.

© Joye O’Keefe

Joye O’Keefe is a freelance writer from Summerfield, Florida.

Now it’s your turn!

Write a poem about what’s happening in nature where you live.

If it’s springtime, you might write about flowers or baby animals or trees leafing out.

If it’s fall, you might write about trees losing their leaves or the way the air feels in fall.

If you live in the tropics, you might write about anything you see in nature.

Another idea is to write a poem for a holiday you celebrate in April, May, or June. It could be Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, VE Day, or any holiday you like.

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