How to Know God

Only one way to God - through Jesus
We can only get to God through Jesus.

How to Know God – It’s Only Through Jesus

God made it easy for us to know Him. He loves you and me and everyone in the whole world so very much that He sent His Son to earth.

His Son, Jesus, is God, but He became a human baby just to save us. Then He showed us by His life:

  • How to live
  • How to love
  • How to pray
  • How to forgive
  • How to give our lives for others
  • How to know and love God.

God is Just

God is holy. He’s perfect and powerful and far greater than we could ever imagine. He’s also just. He always acts in ways that are right and true and good. He made good laws that help us know good from evil.

God wants us to live with Him forever in heaven. But we have a problem. Our problem is called sin.

  • Sin makes all of us do bad things sometimes.
  • Sin makes us disobey God’s good laws.
  • Sin makes us want to do things our own way instead of God’s way.
  • Sin makes us turn away from the wonderful God who created us.
  • And sin will keep us out of heaven.

Sin has to be paid for. And the payment for sin is death. Since everybody sins, we’re all in trouble!

Good People Don’t Go to Heaven

Good people don’t go to heaven. Jesus said, “Only God is good.” Only holy beings can live in heaven. We’re unholy sinners—every one of us. And we can’t do anything about it. We can never be good enough for heaven—not on our own. No matter how hard we try.

It would be like a pig trying to clean itself up, dress in human clothes, and act like a human. The pig might look different, but it would still be a pig.

pig in pen
Dress up a pig, and it’s still a pig.

No matter how much good we try to do, we can’t make ourselves good enough for heaven. But don’t worry. God formed a plan before the creation of the world. A perfect plan to take care of our sin problem. All the good things we do are nothing.

Only God is truly good and holy and beautiful. So only God can make us good enough to go to heaven. It’s not the good we do that can get us there. It’s not doing more good things than bad things. It’s Jesus replacing our sinfulness with His righteousness. That means he takes away the bad in us and fills us with Jesus and His goodness.

God Cleans Us Up

Jesus was God’s plan. Our sin had to be paid for. But the only payment for sin is death. So Jesus came and lived a perfect life and died for us. Then He rose from the dead. Now He lives in heaven again.

If we believe in Jesus and turn away from evil, we won’t have to pay for our own sin. That’s called “being saved.” Saved people love Jesus and live their lives for Him. He becomes closer than a best friend.

Jesus was perfect, and if we accept His free gift of being saved, He covers us with His goodness. Then when it comes time for us to die, God will welcome us into heaven to live there forever. He will count us as holy because we belong to Jesus.

Jesus Is the Way to God

Until then, if we believe in Jesus, we will get to know God, because Jesus is God.

God is three in one–Father, Son and Holy Spirit. When we’re saved God makes us brand new. His Holy Spirit comes to live in our hearts and helps us to live better lives. He helps us become more like Jesus and grow closer to God.

That doesn’t mean we’re perfect. It means God forgives us because Jesus paid the price. When we think about that, it should make us love Him more and more every day. It should make us want to be more like Jesus.

You Can Know God Too

How about you? Do you believe that Jesus came to die and pay for your sin? Do you believe He rose from the dead and can give you new life? Would you like to turn away from evil and live your life in a close friendship with Jesus? Would you like to live forever in heaven when you die?

You can! If you truly believe, ask Him right now in your own words to come into your heart. You can:

  • Tell Him you believe in Him
  • Thank Him for dying to pay for your sin
  • Say you want to turn from evil and live for Him.

Then He will make you a new creation from the inside out. Having Jesus in your heart is how you can know God.

Living for Jesus

After you’re saved:

  • Stay close to Jesus.
  • Ask Him to help you stay away from sin.
  • Read the Bible (His love letter to you) often.

Then you’ll know Him better and better every single day. And you will look forward to living with God in heaven someday!


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