God’s Spring Beauty

purple flowers with bee

God’s Spring Beauty

By Guy Bellaranti

Grass is greening.
So are trees.
Birdsongs merge with
Buzzing bees.
Flowers blossom,
Seedlings thrive.
God’s spring beauty
Comes alive.

© Guy Bellaranti

Guy Bellaranti is a freelance poet from Tucson, Arizona.

Now it’s your turn!

Write a poem about what’s happening in nature where you live.

  • If it’s springtime, you might write about flowers or baby animals or trees leafing out.
  • If it’s fall, you might write about trees losing their leaves or the way the air feels in fall.
  • If you live in the tropics, you might write about anything you see in nature.

Another idea is to write a poem for a holiday you celebrate in April, May, or June. It could be Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, VE Day, or any holiday you like.

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