Stolen Lives

walkway during stormStolen Lives

By Jeanne Gowen Dennis

We hear about it from the sidelines. It goes on somewhere else. It hasn’t happened here for over a hundred years. Slavery can’t exist in America, not in the Land of the Free, can it?

Yes. It can. It does. Almost 150 years after the War Between the States ended, slavery is alive and well in the United States in the form of human trafficking. Human beings are being bought and sold into prostitution and forced labor against their will, and it’s probably happening right under your nose. In your own town. And in mine.

How can we find out more? Heritage of Truth TV guests Dillon Burroughs and Charles Powell tell us what we need to know in their book Not in My Town.

What can we do about it? We can read books like theirs. We can find out what is being done to stop this problem in our cities. We can urge lawmakers and law enforcement to take action. But be aware. Fighting this evil and the organized crime that keeps the machine running is not for amateurs. That’s why I recommend you read the book before getting involved.

Most of all, right now, at this moment, we can drop to our knees and pray to the God who can defeat the strongest enemy. We can do it every time we watch a precious child running free. Do it every time we pass a massage parlor or spa (even legitimate ones), each time we see a girl alone on the street. We can pray with thanksgiving each time we remember we are free and ask the Lord to set these captives free–physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Let’s not stand on the sidelines anymore. It’s here, it’s now, and it needs to stop before another young life is stolen–and another criminal goes free.

Dillon Burroughs and Charles Powell Discuss Human Trafficking

As the Christian community commemorates another anniversary of Roe v. Wade (the legalization of abortion in the United States) and renews its efforts to stand for life, we at Heritage of Truth want to remember another group of innocent people whose lives have been stolen while they still live.

Our guests Dillon Burroughs and Charles Powell discuss with Patty Webb the problem of human trafficking and what believers can and must do to help put a stop to it. They present their book Not in My Town as a tool to help people make a difference in their own neighborhoods and cities and help stop the horrendous practice of modern slavery.

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Dr. Carl Moeller Discusses The Privilege of Persecution

Dr. Carl Moeller of Open Doors USA talks with Patty Webb about the persecuted church all over the world and what it can teach the church in America. He discusses the privileges America has had and the dangers these pose when we forget our biblical roots. He gives insights about how the rest of the world views Americans and explains the goals of his book, The Privilege of Persecution, as well as the ministry of Open Doors.

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Ken Bevel of Courageous Joins Heritage of Truth

Ken Bevel, one of the stars of the movies Courageous and Fireproof, joins Jeanne Dennis to talk about his life, his role as a father, and the movie ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church, Sherwood Pictures. Even with its clear presentation of the gospel, Courageous has been the number four movie in the nation. The DVD will be released in January.

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Singer/Songwriter Yancy Visits Heritage of Truth

This week Heritage of Truth welcomes Yancy, who is a singer, songwriter, and worship leader for pre-teen children and their families. She talks with Jeanne Dennis about her ministry, her music, and her book Yancy: Rock-N-Happy Heart Devotional. They also discuss the power of music to help children connect with God and the responsibility of being a good example to children.

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