Bible M and M’s Puzzle

moon over mountain

Bible M and M’s Puzzle

By Enelle Eder

There are many “sweet” morsels of information in the Holy Bible. See if you can find some of them that begin with the letter “M.” If you need help, look up the scripture reference.

  1. Food God provided for the Israelites in the wilderness (Exodus 16:35): m_______
  2. A gift from one of the wise men (Matthew 2:11): m_________
  3. The disciple who was a tax collector (Matthew 9:9): M_________
  4. One who delivered the Israelites from the Egyptians (Exodus 11:1). M_________
  5. The sister of Moses (Micah 6:4): M_________
  6. A light God made to rule the night (Genesis 1:16): m_________
  7. Where baby Jesus slept (Luke 2:7): m_________
  8. Jesus told Peter to take this from a fish (Matthew 17:27): m_________
  9. A judge (Luke 12:58): m_________
  10. A type of donkey (2 Samuel 13:29): m_________
  11. A destructive insect (Matthew 6:19): m_________
  12. The land where Ruth lived (Ruth 1:6): M_________

© 2006 Enelle Eder

Enelle Eder is a grandmother who has written for and worked with children for over twenty years. She and her husband raise beef cattle and barn cats in the small Northwoods town of Glidden, Wisconsin.
You can check your answers at the bottom of this page.


Answer Key:

1. manna 2. myrrh 3. Matthew 4. Moses 5. Miriam 6. moon 7. manger 8. money 9. magistrate 10. mule 11. moth 12. Moab

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