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Here is where you will find resources for you and your children as you nurture a lifelong confidence in God’s truth.

Many More Resources to Come!

Bible Kidventures Stories of Danger & Courage

This is choose-your-own-ending style Bible story book by Jeanne Dennis and Sheila Seifert from Focus on the Family. It includes four stories. Click on the cover for an affiliate link to purchase it. At the time of this posting, has the paperback on sale for $11.99. It usually retails for $14.99. The e-book is $14.99.

Mentoring through Bible Characters by Jeanne Dennis

This is an e-book to help you initiate conversations with children about Bible characters. It helps you guide young people to apply the lessons these people learned to their own lives. Free with e-mail signup.

Gospel ABCs by Jeanne Dennis, one child giving another a piggyback ride

This e-book takes you through the gospel using the ABCs from creation to Christ.  You can use it to share the gospel, to teach children how to share the gospel, or even to print out and hang on your wall to remind everyone of the incredibly good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Free with e-mail signup.

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