Book Review: The Believer’s Guide to Legal Issues by Stephen Bloom

The Believer's Guide to Legal Issues by Stephen Bloom cover
The Believer’s Guide to Legal Issues by Stephen Bloom

By Jeanne Dennis

The Believer’s Guide to Legal Issues by attorney Stephen Bloom is a fantastic book that I think every Christian should read. In this day of extensive and frivolous litigation with so many people trying to make sure they “protect their rights” or “receive all that is due them,” Bloom’s book offers a refreshingly honest and biblical perspective on the legal issues Christians may face.

Based on his experience as an attorney and his life as a believer in Jesus Christ, Bloom discusses litigation, divorce, prenuptial agreements, criminal defense, estate planning, living trusts, Medicaid, living wills, bankruptcy, business ethics, taxes, real estate, and Christian conciliation. In each chapter, he demonstrates both unwise and wise decisions through the stories and life lessons of fictional characters, making it a good read as well as a great resource.

According to the back cover, this book “promotes a system of Christian legal ethics that restores relationships, values integrity, and promotes peace.” Follow Bloom’s advice by obeying God’s plan for both relationships and legal issues and experience joy and sanity even in the midst of difficult legal problems.

Jeanne Dennis


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