Suicide Causes and Prevention

Suicide Causes and Preventions with Eddie Anders, Heritage of Truth,

Longtime Christian musician Eddie Anders understands suicide from the inside out, because he’s been there. He relates his own experience with an attempted suicide. Then he discusses some possible reasons suicide has reached epidemic proportions among young people. He offers suggestions for parents and grandparents to help prevent suicide in their teenaged children and grandchildren.

This is part one of our two-part interview with Eddie Anders. In the second part of this interview, Eddie talks about his book Waking Up Dead and his CD Great Expectations as well as some of his experiences after God rescued and changed him.

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You can purchase Eddie’s book, Waking Up Dead, through our affiliate link:

501398: Waking Up Dead: A True Story of Suicide, Divine Intervention and a Life Transformed Waking Up Dead: A True Story of Suicide, Divine Intervention and a Life Transformed
By Eddie Anders / Morgan James PublishingWaking Up Dead is the remarkable true story of how a lifetime in music and ministry with world-renown music groups and on staff at prominent churches, culminated at age fifty in a powerfully lethal attempt of suicide. By every account of the doctors involved, Eddie Anders’ attempt should have proven fatal many times over. Only divine intervention would secure rescue, healing and a transformed life.

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