Where Do These Animals Belong?


Where Do These Animals Belong?

By Sonia Randall

What Do You Call  Animal Groups?

If you saw a lot of people together, you’d say there was a crowd. But if you saw a lot of birds, you wouldn’t call them a crowd, you’d call them a flock. There are many interesting names for groups of God’s living creatures. See if you can match the following creatures with their proper groups.

animals and group names

Answers are at the bottom of this page.


Answer Key:

“Where Do They Belong?”
Bees/Swarm;  Lions/Pride;  Cows/Herd;  Quail/Covey;  Geese/Gaggle; Chickens/Flock;  Fish/School;  Beavers/Colony; Wolves/Pack;  Monkeys/Troop.



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