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  • Interviews and discussions with authors, pastors, musicians, movie producers, and other Christian leaders
  • We discuss Christian living, cultural influences, parenting, current events, creation, Christian music, movies, and other timely topics related to understanding and living out a biblical worldview.
  • Fun recipes and crafts
  • Inspirational music
  • Reflections and commentary on life, culture, Scripture, and important issues related to biblical faith
  • Periodic book, music, and movie reviews
  • Reflections on God’s creation

We present all the shows and posts, starting with the most recent. If you would like to find shows by guest’s names, click on Shows Listed by Guest’s Name. Under that, you will find TV and Blog listed by Topic. You may also use the links on the right side of this page under “TV and Blog.” At the bottom of the page, you can link to shows and blog posts by category or tags. Enjoy!

Biblical Worldview Pages

“Therefore Pilate said to Him, ‘So You are a king?”
Jesus answered, ‘You say correctly that I am a king. For this I have been born,
and for this I have come into the world, to testify to the truth.
Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice.’” (John 18:37 NASB)

What is biblical faith all about? How do we answer the greatest questions in life? Here you can explore the biblical worldview and what it means to live life in close relationship with the Creator who loves you so much – like a child running barefoot on holy ground.

Our Biblical Worldview section features:

  • Information about what the Bible actually teaches
  • The great questions of life
  • Digging deeper in the faith
  • How to use the Bible
  • Archived copies of Barefoot Path e-zine.

Heritage of Truth Jr.

Our children’s area, Truth Junior, features fun and interesting:

  • articles
  • stories
  • devotionals
  • poetry
  • activities
  • crafts
  • recipes
  • and more

All designed to help keep your children grow in their faith and learn to think biblically.

Get to Know Us

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