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Strive to Survive Series by Jeanne Gowen Dennis and Sheila Seifert








When your country is about to be attacked, will you hide out at home, march into battle with King Jehoshaphat, or be taken as a prisoner to the enemy camp? The choice is yours.

Deadly Expedition!
Pharaoh’s army is after your people, and you’re trapped by the Red Sea. Will you stick around to find out what happens? And when Moses disappears for 40 days, will you help the others build a new god out of gold?

This new belief in Jesus is causing a lot of trouble for people. A man named Saul is having Christians killed. What will you do? Is it worth risking your life?

Is your Aunt Rahab a spy? You want to trust her, but should you? Those men from Israel said that your city, Jericho, will be destroyed. What are you going to do?


Matt’s Fantastic Electronic Compusonic
Written by Jeanne Gowen Dennis
Illustrated by Jeannie St. John Taylor

When Matt receives a new handheld video game for his birthday, he gets so involved with it that his friends have to eat the cake without him. This begins a comical look at what can happen when video game addiction (or any other obsession) is allowed to take over a person’s life. The characters in Matt’s game grow larger and larger as Matt plays until his brain is so muddled that he is in danger of losing the championship game for his baseball team. Matt has to come back to earth fast. Can he do it?


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Clubhouse Mystery

Mystery at Crestwater Camp

My Time with God 2






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